Kemba Walker Will Leave the Hornets for This Reason

The Charlotte Hornets are not looking forward to free agency and that’s because their best player Kemba Walker will be a free agent. To make matters worse, Walker looks like he will be leaving.


The blame lies on the Hornets and their lack of effort to make a playoff run. When Marc Gasol became available for trade, Walker wanted the Hornets to trade for him. Walker wanted a big man to help ease the burden and Gasol is a proven veteran. Gasol ultimately ended up being traded to the Toronto Raptors.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski covered the latest news out of Charlotte.

“I got the sense in talking to people, that trade deadline really deflated him,” Wojnarowski said of Walker. “When they were pretty close on a Marc Gasol deal, and it fell apart. It didn’t happen. He goes to Toronto. And he looks around and goes, “Come on, what are we trying to do here?”

As a player, you want your team to do the most possible. The Hornets tried to acquire Gasol but weren’t willing to give up too much for him. Did the Hornets not care to make the playoffs or are the playing the long game? It is hard to say what they are doing but they may have pushed their best player to leave.

Other teams can promise Walker a playoff appearance at least, something the Hornets cannot do. They aren’t good enough to make the playoffs but aren’t too bad where they will get great draft picks. They are stuck in limbo but the good news is they may break away after Walker leaves!

It may be for the best if Walker leaves and the Hornets rebuild. What they have with Walker is not good enough. They either need a better superstar or a better role players. Whatever the issue is, it is about time the Hornets went back to square one and let Walker try his luck elsewhere.

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