Anthony Davis May Stay With The Pelicans

The drama surrounding the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis has cooled down now that the regular season is over. But Davis’ future is still being decided and some people believe that Davis might end up staying with the Pelicans.

Nobody can blame Davis for wanting to leave. He has a mediocre roster around him and without him, they would be one of the worst in the league. Yes, Davis gets paid well but he also wants to win. Players don’t like losing and it got to Davis this season. So he demanded a trade.


That plan didn’t work out well. The Pelicans were not about to let Davis go to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers just because LeBron James and the Lakers want Davis to join them. The Lakers ignored the fact that Davis isn’t a free agent until after the 2020 season. That is far away and ruined the Lakers chance to land Davis.

If Davis was about to become a free agent after this season, the Pelicans would have traded him. But he has one more year and that means the Pelicans can try to reassure Davis until his contract expires. The only thing that will prevent Davis from leaving is a better team and we don’t know if the Pelicans can sign star players during free agency.

The reason why Davis may end up staying is that he likes New Orleans. He has said he wants to play for them but the Pelicans have to do a better job of keeping Davis happy. The Pelicans haven’t done that and deserve to pay for that regression. They have drafted poorly and haven’t been able to get players to stay.

Now, the Pelicans are going to be under pressure and people may lose jobs as a result of Davis leaving. That will be a motivator for those people to get something done. Davis will see more effort from his team if they do actually want to keep him because let’s face it, Davis’ antics have ruined his relationship with the team. It will take a lot of effort from both sides to make it work.

As of now, anything is possible. Teams will inquire about Davis and some offers may look tempting but nothing the Pelicans get back will match Davis and his talent. You don’t trade away a once in a lifetime player unless you really believe he is on his way out. Davis has one foot out the door and the Pelicans better restructure the team this summer or he will not want to play for the Pelicans ever again.


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