Bucks Sweep Pistons and Show Critics They are Playoff Ready

The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Detroit Pistons 127-104 and won Game 4 of the series and swept the Pistons in the process. What did we learn about the Bucks in this series and what will the Pistons do from here?

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the team with 41 points and carried the Bucks who were trailing for most of the game until they blew the Pistons out in the fourth. A reason for that blowout is because Blake Griffin fouled out early in the fourth quarter.


Antetokounmpo played great during the series but we saw the rest of the team play great basketball and that was the question. Would the Bucks play like the best team in the league or would the tough playoff defense be too much for the Bucks? The answer was that the Bucks are legit and may cruise to the Eastern Conference Finals before they face any real competition.

On the other side, the Pistons looked outclassed for most of the series. This was the first game that they played well and could have won but it was not meant to be. The Bucks got much more calls and the referees seemed to favor them. Detroit should have gotten more calls and that is why I do not like games being determined by referees.

What will the Pistons do now that their season is over? They need another star player if they want to compete in the East. The good news is that rookie Luke Kennard looked great during the playoffs and he will most likely play better than he did this year. They need a true point guard that makes the team better but that won’t happen since Reggie Jackson’s contract doesn’t expire for another year.

The 1st round of the playoffs is winding down and most of the series went as expected. Round 2 will have an upset here or there and the games will be more competitive. And more Bucks games to cover.


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