Celtics Sweep Pacers in First Round But Don’t Read Too Much into It

The Boston Celtics swept the Indiana Pacers and became the first team to move onto the second round of the playoffs. Beating the Pacers in four straight games is great and all but it may not amount to much.

Everybody knows that the Pacers were without their best player Victor Oladipo and it showed. When the Pacers needed scoring, they didn’t have anyone to turn to. If they did, they may have upset the Celtics. I really do believe that the Pacers would have won with Oladipo.


Even though the Pacers were missing their best player, they were in some of the games. That is not a good sign for the Celtics. They are struggling against a team that has no All-Star playing. The second round will be very different and the Celtics haven’t shown us anything that boosts confidence in them.

I have been a big critic of this Celtics team. They do not look like they mesh well. Even when Kyrie Irving plays well, the Celtics still seem to struggle to win. I think part of that is that the Celtics rely too much on shooting and don’t really get easy buckets outside of Irving. And they will need all the help they can get come round two.

In the second round, the Celtics will most likely play the Milwaukee Bucks (they are 3-0 against the Detroit Pistons) and that is not a favorable match-up for the Celtics. Now, they will have to play a team that is very high powered and will torch them in the paint as well as from the three-point line. And the Pacers may be the reason why the Celtics get annihilated against the Bucks.

After sweeping the Pacers, the Celtics will have a false sense of identity and will be flattened by the Bucks. They faced an opponent that didn’t give them much trouble in the Pacers. An easy first round gave them little experience. Now, they are facing the team with the best record in the NBA and it’s going to be bad.


Expect great defenses from both teams but the Bucks will have the upper hand. We haven’t seen teams stop Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Celtics will need a game or two before they have a decent strategy to guard him.

So while the Pacers may have gotten destroyed, they may end up with the last laugh.


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