The Milwaukee Bucks vs the Boston Celtics; Second Round Prediction

The Milwaukee Bucks will be facing the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs and this series seems to be one of the more interesting ones. The Celtics have a lot of playoff experience while the Bucks are on the come up. Which of the two teams will win and make it to the Eastern Conference Finals?

Which team is better is the question that we should start off with. The Milwaukee Bucks had the better season and had two players make the All-Star Game while the Celtics only had one. But the Celtics have a good excuse that everyone seems to be using. They under performed and are better than they played for most of the season.


For some odd reason, the Celtics and their fans believe that they will play better in the playoffs. And I guess that seems to be true if you count their first round against an injured Indiana Pacers team. I don’t give them points for beating the Pacers who were the worst offensive team in the playoffs this year. Can the Celtics win against the best team in the league?

I do not think so. I have the Bucks winning in five games because they are much better. The Celtics will give them competition but they won’t win. The Bucks lack experience but are the better team and have an MVP candidate in Giannis Antetokounmpo and I do not think the Celtics will stop him. They will play team defense but they will risk getting shot out by the Bucks who make teams pay for double teaming Antetokounmpo.

If the Celtics opt to not double team Antetokounmpo, they will give up a lot of points to him. Can the Celtics win if they let Antetokounmpo score 30 a game? The answer is no. The Bucks have great role players and an All- Star in Kris Middleton. I cannot see the Celtics overcoming the Bucks because they haven’t showed us anything special.


What separated the Celtics from other teams was their defense but that hasn’t been there for them this year. They have lost their calling card and are another team that relies on high scoring to win. That wasn’t the case last series but again, the Pacers were without their superstar Victor Oladipo so that game doesn’t give us any insights.

This game will be the real test to see how good the Celtics are and Celtics fans will be disappointed. I expect a couple blowouts and a couple close games where the Bucks win. The good news is that this series will be more fun to watch than the games these two teams played in the first round. Now the playoffs begin in the Eastern Conference!

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