Clippers Trying to Recruit Kevin Durant After First Round Loss

The Los Angeles Clippers played a great first round and won two games against the Golden State Warriors but ultimately fell short. However, they looked amazing in the first round without a true superstar and were able to show to upcoming free agents what they had to offer.

One of the players they want to sign in the summer is Kevin Durant. The same player who scored 38 points in the half in Game 6 and 50 overall for the game. Nobody can blame the Clippers for wanting to sign Durant. They witnessed just how good he is and they know he can take them to the NBA Finals.


What should scare other teams is that the Clippers will be able to sign to superstars this summer. Imagine giving that Clippers team and another superstar to play alongside him. They may be as scary or even scarier than the Warriors. Does Durant want to play for the Clippers though?

That is a tough question to answer. The Clippers are a great team and ready to take the next step. They seem like an obvious choice for a player like Durant who wants to win. But Durant also wants to expand is business and the best place for that is New York City. I believe that Durant will end up signing with the Knicks but Los Angeles is also a big market so they should also look appealing to Durant.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the playoffs before we can focus on free agency. How Durant and they Thunder perform may determine where he goes. Also, seeing other teams in the playoffs like the Clippers gives Durant a good chance to view his options. The Clippers succeeded in making a great pitch to Durant in the first round of the playoffs and maybe it will be enough to get Durant to sign with them.


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