Clippers Favorites to Land Klay Thompson if Warriors Don’t Offer Thompson Max

The Golden State Warriors are currently facing the Houston Rockets in the second round of the playoffs but the off-court drama doesn’t seem to end for them. After this season is over, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant will be free agents and their future is uncertain.

Now it looks like Thompson will leave if the Warriors do not offer him a max contract in the summer. At this point, we don’t know if the Warriors will pay Thompson the max or let him walk. Golden State can’t pay all of it’s starters max contracts but they all seem to want one.


It looks like this Warriors team will inevitably break up after the season if over. Both Durant and Thompson can’t sign max contracts with the Warriors. Everyone expects Durant to leave and that makes the Warriors job easier by offering Thompson the max but we don’t know what the Warriors plan to do.

The Clippers are interested in landing both Durant and Thompson and are going to pay a max contract to land them. They can sign either players or both depending on what they want to do. They also are favorites to land Kawhi Leonard and look like they are going to have a big summer.

If all three players decide to go to the Clippers, the Clippers will ultimately choose Leonard and Durant. Thompson will still have a bunch of teams willing to pay him the max such as the Los Angeles Lakers. Golden State should be worried about losing Thompson because he will not be easy to replace. His offense and defense are important to the Warriors and without it, they may not make the NBA Finals next year.

Being the Warriors must suck at the moment because while you are trying to win your third straight NBA title, your team is being torn apart right before your eyes. I think Thompson will most likely resign but he will get a pretty petty when he does sign. He knows his value and worth and he might take a small pay-cut but not too much.

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