Pistons Will Pursue Derrick Rose in Free Agency

The Detroit Pistons are interested in acquiring Derrick Rose in the off-season. That may be one of the better pickup for the Pistons in the summer considering Rose is one of the best underrated players in the league. He was a steal for the Minnesota Timberwolves last year and arguably their second best player and the Pistons want that Rose to join their team.

Last season, Rose averaged 18 points and 4.3 assists per game. That is incredible considering he was coming off the bench for the Wolves. He should have started but I can see why he didn’t. Karl-Anthony Towns and Wiggins need the ball and Rose would be the go to guy of the second unit. The Pistons will look to do the same thing with Rose next season if they hire him.


Detroit lost in the first round of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks, a much better team. Still, that series was one-sided and the Pistons want to improve. Sometimes, not making the playoffs is better than being the 8th seed and the Pistons were proof of that. They were embarrassed by the Bucks and will need to change a few things if they want to get a higher seed in the Eastern Conference net year.

Rose will give them a great boost in offense come next year if they do land him. The question that many people are wondering is how much will Rose get paid? He has definitely earned his paycheck for the next season but what is it going to be? I think teams may pay him around $8-$12 million. He can get a little more if he wants the money but I think he will choose a team that gives him a lot of minutes and let’s him play his style of basketball.


Last season, Rose scored 50 points in a game and that is incredible. He showed everyone that while he may never be as good as he was before his injury, he can still ball. I love his comeback story and will be rooting for him until he retires. He could have hung his jersey and called it a career and we wouldn’t have held it against him. But he decided to keep hanging around the NBA and now is in high demand and rightfully so. Hard work pays off and Rose is proof of that.

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