Nets Emerge as Favorites to Land Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is currently in the playoffs and while his performance is under par, he is still highly coveted. Many teams will try to land Irving but it looks like the favorites to land Irving are the Brooklyn Nets.

Yes, the Nets are emerging as the team that will land Irving. Many people (including me) thought he would sign with the New York Knicks but that might not be likely. The Nets have improved a lot and have shown the NBA that they are a great team that is on the come-up. With Irving on the roster, they may become a really good team next year.


Signing Irving is great and all but they already have a point guard in D’Angelo Russell. He is going to be a restricted free agency, meaning that the Nets can retain Russell by matching any contract another team offers him. That might end up being the case because Russell has emerged as a star in the league and made his first All-Star game last season.

Will Irving and Russell play together as point guard and shooting guard? I hope not because two players that dominate the ball and take tough shots in isolation are not going to help the team win. The funny thing is that the Nets love to play isolation ball but it doesn’t win games in the playoffs unless you are really good like the Houston Rockets.

Irving’s future will decide where other players sign because super-teams is a thing now and that is just the reality of the NBA. I do think the Nets can make a really good team if they sign Irving and another superstar. They have a good solid core of players and a few elite pieces might complete the process. Irving hasn’t fit in well with the Celtics and maybe playing with the Nets will help him redeem his image and show everyone why he is one of the best players in the league.

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