The Celtics Should Not Re-sign Kyrie Irving in Free Agency

The Boston Celtics have just been eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks in 5 games in the second round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Now they are focused on free agency and whether or not they should resign Kyrie Irving.

Last year, the Celtics wanted Irving to sign an extension before the season began and Irving declined to do so. Many people speculated Irving wanted to leave and that might be the case. The good news is that the Celtics might also want him to leave and are lucky Irving didn’t sign an extension. He has caused a lot of problems for the Celtics and they should let him go elsewhere.


Irving is a superstar player and that is why the Celtics may try to resign him even though last season was a big failure. Irving consistently criticized his teammates, hasn’t played great team defense and his lack of commitment has caused a lot of drama for the Celtics. Still, he is one of the best players in the league and that alone might make the Celtics resign Irving if Irving wants to return.

Letting Irving go and letting Terry Rozier become the starting point guard might be best for everyone involved. Rozier is going to be a free agent and he wants to start. The Celtics can offer him that and should because he is really good. Losing both Irving and Rozier will be a bad look and might be detrimental next season.

I will defend Irving and say he wasn’t the only problem the Celtics had but because he was the biggest star in the team, he gets most of the blame. Either way, Irving needs to leave and change the narrative that he is the problem because people are still made he forced the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. Irving has already won a championship and wants to establish his legacy before he retires and he can start fresh next season.

Boston on the other hand needs to get everything under control again. They seem to be caught in a storm that just keeps getting worse. Now that the season is over, Boston needs to let Irving go and focus on the upcoming season. They underachieved this season but can recover by signing (and not signing) certain players in the summer.

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