Warriors Prove That They Will Be Fine When Kevin Durant Leaves

The Golden State Warriors changed their identity as a team when they signed Kevin Durant in 2016. After acquiring Durant, the Warriors went on to win two straight NBA titles and are trying to three-peat this year. But Durant will most likely leave and that may not be a problem for this team.

Durant is arguably the best player in the league and he has proven that in this year’s playoffs. An injury sidelined him in the second half of Game 5 and he missed two straight games after that. In all three of those games, the Warriors won. That is impressive considering the Warriors relied so heavily on Durant before his injury.


We all know how much talent the Warriors have be seem to forget that easily when they are overshadowed. Durant’s presence has made the Warriors play more isolation basketball and that isn’t the Warriors bread and butter but it still leads to wins. When Durant went out, we saw more movement and more shots for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

When Durant leaves, people think the Warriors dynasty will collapse but we have seen that it won’t be the case as long as the Warriors have Curry and re-sign Thompson this summer. With those two and Draymond Green, the Warriors are still better than most of the league. They hit really tough shots and the Warriors defense led by Green makes it hard for opposing teams to score.


More than anything else, what will most likely happen next year is this Warriors team will face Durant in the playoffs. Whether in the Western Conference or in the NBA Finals, I believe they will collide because Durant is too good to be stopped and the Warriors will still be the best team in the West with their amazing ball movement. If that does happen, we may end up seeing a great series because of the narrative behind that series.

I don’t know about everyone else but I have enjoyed seeing the Warriors play Warriors basketball without Durant. It looks like everyone will win when Durant leaves. Before, Durant’s departure was something that haunted the team but now that we have seen the Warriors thrive without Durant, I believe that both parties will feel better about the eventual breakup.


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