Terry Rozier is Drawing Interest from the Chicago Bulls

Terry Rozier looks like he is on his way out from Boston and the Chicago Bulls may be the ones that land him. Rozier is going to be a restricted free agent and has expressed a need for change.

The Celtics aren’t out of the race yet and can still land Rozier if they do as he wishes. That would mean getting rid of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Irving is most likely going to leave but Hayward is signed for three more years and unless the Celtics trade him, Hayward will be there for a while.


Yes, the Celtics can trade Hayward but they won’t be able to most likely. He has regressed a lot and is not worth the contract he signed. So that means Rozier is most likely out. Anything can happen and the Celtics can reassure him after they talk to him. I just don’t see Rozier returning because he was really upset with the Celtics after being eliminated in the playoffs.

If the Bulls do land Rozier, I don’t know what that will mean. Chicago is still going to be bad next year and Rozier doesn’t like losing. He will start and will get his minutes but the Bulls won’t make the playoffs unless the team improves a lot in the summer. Adding Rozier should help but how much it will help is to be determined.

Personally, I like Rozier and while he didn’t have the greatest year, the drama surrounding the Celtics may be to blame. It stunted his growth and with no leadership, Rozier may have been lost. The Bulls may be young but they have a solid identity and Rozier should find himself a good him if he does end up going there.


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