Lakers Are Going to Pursue Bradley Beal This Summer

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get another superstar to join LeBron James in free agency and it looks like they have found one. Bradley Beal will be the Lakers’ target if they can’t land a certain superstar.


By now, everyone should know who that certain someone is. Yes, it is Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lakers would love to trade for him but it looks like the Pelicans do not want to trade him to the Lakers. They blame James and the Lakers for tampering and trying to recruit Davis in the middle of the season. It looks like Davis will not be joining the Lakers even though the Lakers will still try to land him.

While it sounds hopeless, the Lakers still want to try. That doesn’t mean they aren’t prepared to be denied. That’s why they have focused their eyes on Beal. The Washington Wizards are trying to start anew and getting rid of Beal would be a great step towards that. He will most likely be traded to the Lakers because Los Angeles really needs another superstar alongside James if they want to win.


Whether Beal fits in or not is another question and we won’t dive into that unless a trade is imminent. The question that Lakers’ fan are going to ask if what will it cost? Trading away their young core pieces for Beal would displease many because they are invested in the young core. They have shown potential to be great and only regressed once James signed with the Lakers.

The next question is whether the Lakers would even make the playoffs with Beal. He is a great player but he has struggled to win in Washington. Will he fit in or will he be a part of the problem. Playing on a team like the Lakers where drama is served for breakfast everyday might affect his game. Their is also the issue of the future head coach of the Lakers and whether he will be a good fit or not.

Being a fan of the Lakers seems very stressful. The good news is that they landed the number four pick in the upcoming draft, The bad news is that they may trade it away. Let’s hope Beal at least makes it worth the while or come next summer, the Lakers’ fans may revolt.


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