Nets Are Becoming the Favorites to Land Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler will be a free agent once the NBA Playoffs are over and the team that will most likely land him is the Brooklyn Nets. The Philadelphia 76ers will try to re-sign Butler but they will be fighting an uphill battle to land him this summer.

It all started when Jimmy Butler had a falling out with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Butler requested a trade and one of the three teams he wanted to be traded to was the Nets. And the Nets are definitely excited to land Butler but he isn’t their first choice. That title goes to Kevin Durant.


Yes, the Nets are pursuing Durant and Kyrie Irving first. If they miss out on either of them or both, then they will go after Butler. From what I’m hearing, the Nets have a solid chance of landing both Durant and Irving but they will be facing stiff competition so having backup options is smart and the best course of action.

At this point, it is safe to assume Butler will be every team’s second or third option that misses out on the Durant lottery. Butler has a proven track record and his clutch performance in the playoffs this year is proof that he can lead a team when surrounded with the right pieces.

This year’s free agency will be the best one is ages. While Durant is headlining the free agency, there are many more players out there they will change a team’s future. And let’s not forget about that Anthony Davis may also be on the move. The NBA Finals are exciting but this year’s free agency might be the better of the two.

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