Kawhi Leonard Suffers Injury in Game 3 Victory Against Bucks

The Toronto Raptors won Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks in two overtimes. While the win was much needed, fans are worried about Kawhi Leonard’s health going forward.

In the 118-112 win, Leonard was seen limping during the game. He has been carrying the load for the Raptors and did it once again in Game 3 where he scored 36 points in the win. Without Leonard, the Raptors wouldn’t have even made it this far and an injury to Leonard may derail any hopes of making it to the NBA Finals.


Raptors head coach Nick Nurse blamed the limp on Leonard playing too much minutes.“I think he’s OK. It was a lot of minutes, but I think he’s OK,” Nurse said.

The limping started in the first quarter so Nurse’s answer doesn’t make too much sense. It certainty didn’t help that Leonard played 52 minutes in the game. But the Raptors need Leonard to play all those minutes if they want to win. He has been the only constant in the series and if they play him any less, they Bucks may run away with the game.

When Leonard was asked about his injury, he said he was OK. “I’m good. I’M just going to keep fighting. I’m going to be playing.” he said. Nobody can imagine Leonard sitting but if it is a threat to his health going forward, he should sit. Let’s hope everything is OK because Leonard has been amazing these playoffs.

I expect the Raptors to be cautious going forward and won’t play him too much unless they have no choice. Leonard has had health issues and didn’t play back to back games all season. Toronto has done a great job taking of Leonard and have proven that they will take the right steps when needed to.


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