Nets Want to Trade for Anthony Davis and Pair Him Up With Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets made the playoffs this year and showed promise of a bright future with their young stars. They also have money to sign to superstars this summer and are going to go all out. Now, it seems like they want to also land Anthony Davis and start off their own dynasty.


Yes, you heard that right. The Nets are the latest teams rumored to be interested in trading for Davis. They have a good young core and can definitely make a trade happen if they want to. The two players most likely to be traded are D’Angelo Russell and Jarrett Allen for Davis. But that all hinges on the fact that the Nets need to land Kyrie Irving to make sure Davis stays with the Nets past the next season.

Here’s what Chris Broussard had to say on the situation;

“Brooklyn is going as hard after Anthony Davis as anybody. A package of like D’Angelo RussellJarrett Allen, who’s a nice piece, shot-blocker, athletic at the rim, nice for this day and age in basketball. They’ve got the 17th and 27th pick. Now, Brooklyn, their dream is to pair AD with Kyrie. They really only want to try to get AD if they got Kyrie, because that will help them keep AD.”

It sounds like the Nets have a lot of moving pieces at the moment but it sounds like they can land Davis once they sort things out. Russell is a restricted free agent and the Nets can sign and trade him. They just have to make sure they land Irving and there has been mutual interest from both parties.

Seeing the Nets go out and try to land one of the best players in the league must be reassuring for their fans who haven’t really seen the Nets thrive since the Jason Kidd days. They will most likely land a star or two this summer. We just don’t know who it will be yet.

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