Is it Fair for Kobe Bryant to Recruit Kyrie Irving to the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are desperate for another superstar to help LeBron James and apparently, it might be James’ former teammate that may end up signing with them. And it may be all thanks to Kobe Bryant.

Yes, that player is Kyrie Irving. The same Irving that wanted to escape playing in James’ shadow seems to have done a complete 180 is may play for the Lakers next year. Irving has come to realize how hard it is to lead and has grown from his experiences the past two years. Now, he wants to win and playing with James is something that he might end up doing.


Bryant took it upon himself to go out and recruit Irving and that seems kind of unfair. Most NBA players love Bryant and would not pass the opportunity to talk to him, even if it a recruitment. Not every team has a Bryant to recruit for them and it gives them an unfair advantage.

Will Bryant be enough to get Irving to sign with the Lakers? We will find out soon enough but Irving has bought a house in New Jersey so take that however you like. We will be hearing a lot of this in the following days.

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