Wizards Want to Trade Bradley Beal for Lonzo Ball

The Washington Wizards are interested in trading for Lonzo Ball and would like to get him if they do trade Beal to the Los Angeles Lakers. Will the Lakers trade Ball for Beal?

That may end up being what happens because the Lakers want Beal and the Wizards want Ball. It will depend on a lot of things for this scenario to happen. The Lakers will not trade for Beal if they land a superstar or two in free agency. They will also not trade for Beal if they somehow land Anthony Davis in a trade.


Beal is far down on the list for the Lakers but they are interested for him. That is why I think the Lakers may trade him. We know how badly they want to land another superstar to play alongside LeBron James and one way or another, it will happen. Who that player will be is what is to be determined.

It makes sense why the Wizards want Ball on their roster. He has great court awareness and can set up other players pretty well. On top of that, Ball can defend really well and that is something coaches love in a player. And let’s not forget the times when Ball gets it going on the offensive end. It may not be consistent but the potential is there.

Will the Lakers move Ball? I think they will if they reach to that point because another disaster season is a big no. They will do whatever it takes and if that means trading Ball, then they will gladly pay that price.

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