People Think Nike Revealed Where Kevin Durant Will Play Next Season

The NBA is frantic about Kevin Durant’s future and they are doing everything to get a hint of where he will be going. One user found a curious item that he and many other people believe tells them where Durant will be playing.

A user was browsing through the Nike store when he came across a Kevin Durant shirt. The shirt listed all the cities Durant played in and one of the cities listed was San Francisco. As of right now, no time currently plays in San Francisco but starting next year, the Golden State Warriors will be playing there.


Many people believe that this means Durant will re-sign with the Warriors and that Nike has revealed Durant’s future accidentally. Why does Nike know where Durant is going but his agent doesn’t? That does not add up.

Also, why would Durant care to tell Nike his decision? This whole year, the Warriors have been losing sleep wondering what Durant will do. They should have just asked Nike what Durant planned to do!

All jokes aside, this may be just an error on Nike’s part. Maybe they rushed the gun and just but San Francisco down because they were hoping to get it right. If Durant signed elsewhere, they would have released another shirt that we can guess is already designed.

This makes for an interesting story because if Durant does sign with the Warriors, Nike will get a lot more credit than they deserve. Everything is a conspiracy theory in this day and age and this one fits the dimensions a little to well.


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