Rockets Trading Away Roster After Losing to Warriors Again

The Houston Rockets are still dumbfounded after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs once again. And they may change up the roster as a result of their latest loss.

Losing to the same team over and over can be frustrating and we have seen many teams lose to this Warriors team. LeBron James conquered them once but has lost 3 NBA Finals to them in the process. That’s one more series win that the Rockets can brag about and they want to change that and that means trading players away.

All players not named James Harden and Chris Paul are being put on the trading block. Harden is the heart of the team so he won’t ever be traded but Paul is another story. His contract is almost impossible to move and he is 34 years old and that will make him undesirable to every team out there.


That means Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and P.J. Tucker are going to be available for trade and let’s be honest, they will be coveted by most teams. I do not agree with this move from the Rockets but it comes out of desperation more than anything else. They have tried to win with this roster and they have, just not against the Warriors in the playoffs. Now they want to try something different because doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.

Here’s more from Marc Stein who works for the New York Times;

The Rockets are indeed shopping everyone on the roster not named Harden. The complexities involved in moving Chris Paul, who at age 34 has three years and nearly $125 million left on his contract, have Houston officials actively exploring the trade market for Clint Capela, Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker.

As one source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said, they are operating under the belief that at least one of those three mainstays will not be a Rocket next season.


It will be interesting who they get back. It is too early to say who has shown an interest in the players available for trade but the Rockets should have a bunch of offers coming their way. The problem is that not many teams will move their core players unless they feel pressured to by the team owners; sort of like the Rockets right now.

I’m going to end this article by saying that Capela, Gordon, and Tucker played great for the Rockets. They are not to blame for any of the Rockets shortcomings. I would blame that on the coach and Harden and his lazy defense at times. It isn’t fair to trade either of those three players because it sounds like they are the ones to blame when in reality, the Warriors are a better defensive team and are better coached.

The NBA is not fair and this a great example why. Any team that receives any of those three players will be much better so expect teams like the Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trail Blazers to trade for them. This opportunity is too good for teams to pass up and improve.



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