LeBron James Will Leave the Lakers If They Don’t Acquire Another Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers have a big summer ahead of them and now LeBron James is adding a lot more pressure on them. If they fail to acquire to land another superstar in free agency, James will leave according to the latest rumors.

Usually, these types of rumors are to be ignored but this one has a lot of common sense in it. Also, looking at James past moves, it is easy to see him leave because he doesn’t have any help. That is why he left the Cleveland Cavaliers and that may be why he leaves the Lakers after next season. Will he leave though?


That is up to the Lakers to decide by giving him the help he needs to win. The Lakers will be pursuing a lot of superstars this summer and I believe they will land one. The problem is whether they will win with whoever they sign and if it satisfies James. Another losing season will definitely make James leave and sign elsewhere.

If the Lakers fail to land a superstar in free agency and that is likely considering how bad the Lakers reputation is, they have a backup plan. They will trade for Bradley Beal and make sure James has at least one other superstar on the team. What they will give for Beal is the question that everyone wants answers to. The Washington Wizards want Lonzo Ball included in the trade but will the Lakers include him in the trade?

All we know so far is that the Lakers will pursue a multitude of players in free agency and now James is adding pressure on them. I believe the Lakers will land someone this summer but I think it will be Bradley Beal or Jimmy Butler. Other players haven’t shown much interest and can you blame them after seeing the mess that is the Lakers?

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