There’s Supposedly a Chance the Knicks can Sign Kawhi Leonard

Right now, it looks like a great time to be the New York Knicks. Yes, they had a horrible season and yes they traded away their franchise player Kristaps Porzingis but they are still cheerful about the future and who can blame them? The latest rumors point to the possibility that the Knicks can land Kawhi Leonard this summer.

I did not even think there was a possibility of this happening and was shocked to see that Forbes was the one to put out this rumor. They are speculating this because someone at FS1 put it out there. Apparently. Cris Carter, the host at FS1 that said that the Knicks can land Leonard, may have/had the same agents that represent Leonard. He has probably heard the Knicks being brought up and decided to put it out there.


Before we continue this speculation, I want to say that this is not very likely because Leonard and the Knicks do not mix well. New York is the biggest media market and Leonard doesn’t really open up to the media. I also don’t see the business aspect of this because Leonard doesn’t seem to have any independent ventures. Also, he can just sign with a team in Los Angeles and he would still be in a big market so that doesn’t make sense here.

Forbes is saying that Leonard and Kevin Durant can team up in New York. I do not see why that would matter because Leonard can carry a team and will be signing to teams with a lot of talent if he re-signs with the Toronto Raptors or signs with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer.

More than anything else, I think this was meant to put a new story out there. And it worked. Leonard is in the NBA Finals and he is dominating. Any new story with him will grab views and that is just the reality of it. The only two teams he will end up with is the Raptors or the Clippers this summer. Sorry Knicks but you can’t have everything.

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