Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Opt In: Will be A Free Agent

Kyrie Irving is not going to opt in to the final year of his contract. Instead, he will be a free agent and can sign with any team he wants to. That is a bad sign for the Boston Celtics but they do have a chance to land him this summer. The problem is that so does every other team.

In the past few weeks, the rumors of Irving signing with the Brooklyn Nets have been rampant. Every sign points towards Irving signing with the Nets and it will be the most likely scenario. He wants to play for them and they want him. The Celtics and Irving didn’t mix well and they well part ways and forget all of it and may see each other in the playoffs in the near future.



There will be a few other teams in the mix so Irving to the Nets is not guaranteed. Irving has matured in the past few seasons and has learned that winning doesn’t come easy. He needs to find a team that will let him be him and let him grow with the team. There cannot be any ego issues and that is hard in the NBA because most NBA players have an ego.

We all know that Irving is a great offensive player with the best handles in the league. What we don’t know is whether he is a winner or a leader. He has struggled in both of those categories and will try to change the narrative with whatever team he signs with. Will he change the narrative is a question we will have to wait to find out in a few years and it may end up being the narrative his legacy ends up leaving behind when all is said and done.


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