Rockets’ Owner Complains About Chris Paul’s Contract

Being in the NBA for many years means that you can get paid a lot of money if you are good. Chris Paul is one of many players to cash in on being consistently good. But the bill that the Houston Rockets have to pay is very high and not everyone is happy about this.

The Rockets are paying Paul and James Harden over $38 million next year and that leaves little room to add other players. Harden deserves that type of money because he is one of the best players in the world but CP3 doesn’. That is something everyone agrees with but it is a fact nonetheless.


Paul’s four year contract is worth $159,730,592 million. He is now 34 and already declining. That’s why Rockets’ owner Tilman Fertilla is complaining about CP3’s contract to his friends and apparently rival executes. Tim Macmahon from ESPN had this to say;

Fertitta has grumbled about Paul’s contract, expressing regret to Rockets staffers and even in front of rival executives, according to league sources.

That is not a good sign and may cause some tensions going down the road. The Rockets are placing the blame on not having won on Paul and that is unfair. Houston was the one that gave Paul that contract knowing he was not that young. They gambled and lost and now are pointing fingers to feel better about the whole situation.

Now, the Rockets will try to trade anyone not named Harden and CP3 and hope to get players back that will contend for a championship. With very little cap space, the Rockets have no choice but to trade because they won’t be able to sign anyone. This is why you don’t just hand out big contracts. They always come back to haunt you.



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