Utah Jazz Are Frontrunners to Land Mike Conley Jr.

The Utah Jazz are aware that they need another shot creator if they want to make a run in the convoluted Western Conference and that is why they are targeting Mike Conley Jr. They are now the frontrunners to land him via trade with the Memphis Grizzlies.

As of right now, the NBA is in a weird place. The Raptors did what the Western Conference has failed to do: beat the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. That loss was shocking to the NBA world but the injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are the ones that are being felt all around the NBA. The Warriors will be vulnerable next year and there is a fight for that spot. Every team in the West will make a play for it and that means their will be a lot of trades.


Utah needs to make a trade happen or they will not go far next year. With the Los Angeles Lakers landing Anthony Davis, their is one more team to worry about. That’s why the Jazz will most likely make sure they make a big trade happen and Conley is going to be the player they most likely land.

The Grizzlies have made Conley available for trade and they have been in talks with the Jazz for a while now. It has become serious and we may have a trade happen soon if what The Athletic said is true.

The Grizzlies are intensifying talks to potentially move franchise cornerstone Mike Conley Jr., league sources told The Athletic. Memphis has been in conversations with the Jazz and Utah is a frontrunner to acquire Conley should the Grizzlies trade the point guard during draft week, league sources said.

Adding Conley will make the Jazz better because he is a great all around player that can give them another reliable scorer. Besides Donovan Mitchell, their hasn’t been a second consistent scorer. They need to ease Mitchell’s burden because he has struggled in the playoffs when faced with tough defense.

The Jazz have to make this trade happen or they be mediocre next year. That is why expect something to happen. Even if it’s not Conley, they will make a trade and give Mitchell some much-needed help.

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