Nets May Not Pursue Kyrie Irving if Kevin Durant Doesn’t Sign With Them

The Brooklyn Nets want to cash in this summer and land two superstars and become contenders. That plan was well under way when Kyrie Irving was almost guaranteed to sign with them. Now, the Nets aren’t sure they want Irving if they don’t land Kevin Durant.

To understand where the Nets are coming from, you have to take a few steps back. Irving is one of the best players in the league but he isn’t a proven winner. Throughout Irving’s career, he has won when there has been another superstar alongside him. That is why the Net;s want to pair him up with Kevin Durant.


It is ironic that Irving left LeBron James because he didn’t want to be the second option. Now, he is viewed as a great second option but not a first option. His lack of success is to blame for that. The other thing that comes back to haunt Irving is that he forced the Cavaliers to trade him. His plan backfired and he has lost a lot of respect from NBA teams.

I think the Nets will not sign Irving if Durant does not come. The other thing to look consider is will Irving sign with the Nets if they don’t land Durant? I do not think he will. He can instead go to a team that is primed and ready to win next year such as the Los Angeles Lakers where his former teammate James is. This is a weird scenario playing out and won’t be settled until Durant makes his move.

Do you think Irving is worth signing without another superstar on his team? I personally don’t think so. He has failed to win with the Celtics who made the Eastern Conference Finals without him. They had the talent but Irving could not bring out the best of them and the same may happen with the Nets. It is not a fun time to be Irving right now.

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