Utah Jazz Trade For Mike Conley Jr: How Much Better are they Now?

The Utah Jazz showed a lot of interest in trading for Mike Conley Jr. and a few days later, they made a trade happen. In return for Conley, the Jazz gave the Memphis Grizzlies Grayson Allen, Kyle Korver, Jae Crowder, the No. 23 pick in the 2019 Draft and a future first-round pick.

That is a lot for Conley but the Jazz needed to make this trade happen. They needed another great player if they wanted to compete in the tough Western Conference. They didn’t trade away any key players so this trade was a win. However, losing first round picks is never good because that is how good teams get better. I will say losing Grayson Allen was bad because he showed a lot of potential as a rookie.


How much better will the Jazz be because of this trade? I think they may have the fourth or fifth seed in the Western Conference next year. They may be even higher because the Jazz play great defense and when everyone is healthy, they are elite. Conley will make Donovan Mitchell’s job easier and they needed another player that can create shots for them.

The one aspect that needs to be looked at is the Jazz’s role players heading into next season. They have a few good players still on the bench and that may suffice in the playoffs but if they suffer an injury occurs, their hopes of winning take a big hit. Having depth is very important and we saw that when the Golden State Warriors suffered injuries in the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

Conley’s contract is huge as he is set to make 32.5 million next year. With a big contract like that, there is little money left to pay other players. Some player will sign for a veteran’s minimum and they can sign a player that is overlooked but that won’t be easy as most teams in the NBA will be doing the same thing. Still, this roster gives the Jazz the best chance they ever had of competing in the Western Conference.

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