Lakers are Interested in Signing Brook Lopez

The Los Angeles Lakers are pursuing every player that becomes a free agent it seems. The latest player to draw interest from them is Brook Lopez. Will the Lakers land Lopez or miss out on him.

Lopez was on the Lakers a few years ago and was traded. He didn’t fit in well with the Lakers and now they want him. In the Laker’s defense, Lopez was not a three-point specialist with them as he is now. His sharp three-point shooting has gotten him a lot of respect and he was one of the reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks had a great season and a deep playoff run.


That is why the Bucks will most likely end up re-signing him. Los Angeles is trying to steal him from the Bucks but it may be all in vain. Earlier this week, the Bucks cleared space to pay Lopez and I think he will end up re-signing with them because he had a great year and the Bucks are up-and-coming.

Leaving the Bucks for the Lakers seems idiotic because the Bucks believed in you when the Lakers didn’t. It also helps that the Bucks are in the Eastern Conference and have a better chance at making the NBA Finals next year than the Lakers.

It may be a giant waste of time to pursue Lopez because the Lakers can’t offer him more money. They will just promise him minutes and maybe a run to the NBA Finals whereas the Bucks have both of those things and can actually pay him. Good try though Lakers for not leaving any rocks upturned.

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