Nets Are Front-Runners to Land Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets went from not wanting to sign Kyrie Irving if Kevin Durant doesn’t sign with them to becoming front-runners to land Kevin Durant in a few days. Will the Nets be able to pull off one of the biggest signings ever?

From what I’m hearing, the speculation that the Nets are front-runners is coming from many sources. Yet there are no names really attached to this but the people they are telling are the ones saying this in public. The latest person to say it was Kendrick Perkins, a former teammate of Durant.


Another reason why the Nets are front-runners is because they are going to land Irving and Durant is best friends with Irving. How close are they you ask? Both of them were going to go on vacation together once the playoffs ended before Durant’s injuries. Now they may just go to New York and not leave.

As a New York Knicks fan, I don’t want this to be true but maybe it is for the best. Durant is injured and will miss most of the 2019-2020 NBA season. On top of that, Irving won’t like carrying the load until then and will definitely say some stupid things to the media. 

Brooklyn seems to be the team that is leading the charge for the hunt for Durant but things change fast. Nothing is concrete until the contract is signed and until then, the Nets will be stressing out and losing sleep. Free agency is just around the corner and all hell will break loose and everyone will be waiting to see what Durant’s decision is going to be because it can make or break a franchise.

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