Al Horford Planning to Leave Celtics, Mavericks are Favorites to Land Him

The Boston Celtics are trying to get Kyrie Irving to stay but now may also lose Al Horford who opted out of his contract. And the Dallas Mavericks are trying to acquire Horford and steal him away. How did this happen and where does it leave the Celtics?

Horford had one more year left on his contract the Celtics just assumed he would opt in. I don’t really blame them because Horford would have made over $30 million if he opted in but it makes sense why Horford didn’t opt him. He has one more big contract left in his career and now is the best time to go for it. Horford turned 33 this year and is starting to decline. If he played one more year and declined during the season, he would lose out on a lot of money.

So that’s basically why Horford is leaving. For more money and a long-term contract. There is a rumor flying around that there is a $112 million contract awaiting Horford. The Mavericks are interested in signing Horford and may be the ones to land him since not many teams will pay him that kind of money considering his age. The Mavs don’t seem to have much to lose since they aren’t winning and can gamble.

There may be another hurdle for the Mavericks and that is the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers want to make a splash this summer and may go after Horford if they miss out on Kevin Durant. Dallas may not give Horford a four year contract because they are worried about his age. He will be 37 and making around $30 million which will just hurt them. The Clippers are willing to take that step and give him a four-year deal.

Losing Horford will set the Celtics back a lot. They may not make the playoffs next year if they lose both Horford and Irving. But that is what may end up happening. The Celtics had too much internal drama and now players want to leave. Now they may have to go back into rebuilding whether they want to not.

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