D’Angelo Russell is Meeting With the Lakers, May End Up Signing With Them

The Brooklyn Nets wanted to build a superteam and that meant letting D’Angelo Russell go and sign two superstars to a max contract. Now, Russell is the one putting the pressure on the Nets by meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers and letting them know he won’t just sit silently and wait for the Nets to decide his future.

Russell is going to meet with the Lakers and decide if he wants to sign with them. He played for the Lakers when they drafted him but traded him to the Nets when drama surrounded the young guard. Since his trade, he has gotten better and made the Lakers regret trading him. Now, they can fix their mistake and also add a great player alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


For the Lakers, it is all or nothing next year. If they don’t win a championship, they will be disappointed. Russell can help the Lakers build a superteam and make them an instant powerhouse in the NBA. Both parties have shown interests but it there are many factors at play that will decide what happens.

The first one is that the Nets want to sign two superstars to their roster. If that fails, they may re-sign Russell and sign another star. If the Nets do land the two superstars, they will have to let Russell walk because they can’t pay him. The Nets can match any offer Russell gets and may do that if they fail to land a superstar.


On the other side, the Lakers are pursuing everybody and if they can’t let an elite point guard, then they will make Russell an offer. The Nets can match that offer and ultimately decide where Russell goes. Russell is most likely third on the Lakers list of point guards so we will have to see where Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker sign before we see Russell decide his future.

This year’s free agency is the biggest we have ever seen and the NBA will look totally different when it is over. We have already seen the Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans change entirely and that is before free agency even arrived. Russell is now a star in the NBA and highly coveted so expect a lot of news surrounded the 1st time All-Star.

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