Celtics Sleeper Team to Land Kemba Walker

Before today, I did not know that the Boston Celtics had any interest in signing Kemba Walker but that is the case apparently. Now the Celtics are putting Walker on the top of their list.

The reason why the Celtics are pursuing Walker is because they will most likely lose out on Kyrie Irving and Terry Rozier in free agency. They need a point guard and Walker is elite and would provide some much needed scoring. His size will be an issue on the defensive end and will definitely hurt their defense but his offensive production is worth it.


I find this a little funny because they traded away Isaiah Thomas, a scoring point guard that was a liability on defense and now it will be the same as before. Thomas was traded because the Celtics didn’t want to pay Thomas and he suffered a serious injury. After seeing everything that has happened to the Celtics ever since that trade, you don’t feel bad at all.

Besides the Celtics, the Dallas Mavericks are also showing a lot of interest in Walker. At this point, the Mavericks are going after everyone including current Celtic Al Horford in free agency when he opts out. Will either team land Walker or will Walker end up re-signing with the Hornets?

I do not think the Celtics will land Walker. He seems like an odd fit and I don’t think Walker will be enough for them to compete next season. If Walker wants to lose, he can re-sign with the Hornets. He loves that team and it will take a lot to convince him to leave. I do think a top-tier team can sign him with the promise of a deep playoff run, something Walker has never had in his career. tw

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