Knicks Are Interested in Signing DeMarcus Cousins

The New York Knicks went from the team that was likely to sign every superstar to possibly striking out on every big name in free agency. That is why the Knicks are now interested in signing DeMarcus Cousins in free agency.

If the Knicks miss out on Kevin Durant, then they will most likely offer Cousins a one-year contract. The Knicks want to roll over their salary cap to next summer and hope they get lucky next year if this year doesn’t work out. It’s not a bad plan but the Knicks need to show players why they should come to New York City and that hasn’t gone well.


Cousins on the other hand might sign with the Knicks only because he may not have a better option. Last year, Cousins barely played and when he did play, he did not look like the Cousins everyone is used to. He was slow and it took him time to get going. Opposing teams let him shoot the three-ball and he would not make it consistently.

As a Knicks fan, I do not like this idea that much. If Cousins doesn’t get injured again, I would be surprised. What worries me the most is that Cousins will create drama (not that the Knicks need any help in creating drama) and the Knicks get a lot of media coverage. When the Knicks struggle next year, the focus will go to Cousins and it will be a media frenzy.

There is some chance Cousins can fit in well but until I see it, I won’t buy it. Still, this situation might be the best one if neither gets what they would like. Knicks want a top tier superstar and Cousins wants a long term contract that pays him well. It’s a match made in heaven.

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