Rockets Want to Sign-and-Trade for Jimmy Butler

The Houston Rockets believe that with the addition of Jimmy Butler they can win a championship. That is why they are going all in for him and are willing to part ways with a lot to land him.

To acquire Butler, the Rockets need the Philadelphia 76ers, Butler’s current team to sign him and trade him to the Rockets because of the lack of cap space. Why would the 76ers help the Rockets you ask? Houston will give them a first round and maybe even another player for Butler. Not a bad deal for a player that is going to be a free agent in a few days.

A problem with this scenario is that the Rockets first round pick is pretty low. They win a lot of games so their pick loses value. That is why the Rockets are willing to trade Clint Capela, P.J. Tucker, and Eric Gordon individually for a first round and give that pick to the 76ers.


It’s not a bad plan but does Butler want to join the Rockets? Who knows at this point. James Harden has been in contact with Butler for the past couple of weeks and is trying his best to recruit him. While that sounds splendid, it isn’t. Look at Chris Paul and his relationship with Harden. It has reportedly become sour and that is not a good look for a player that wants a stable team.

Will Butler join the Rockets? I think that won’t be his first option. He has better options and he is being recruited by a lot of teams right now. Butler will most likely choose a team that fits him well and the Rockets aren’t that team.

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