Nets Land Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan in Free Agency

The Brooklyn Nets are the biggest winners in free agency and we are just a day in. They have reportedly landed Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan. How did they land all of them and what does that mean for the Nets?

It all started with Irving and his commitment to sign and play for the Nets. He paved the way for Durant to join the Nets. Irving and Durant wanted to team up and sign with the same team. This was something that was talked about for a while. What team they wanted to go to wasn’t as clear but as the Nets got better this season and made the playoffs, they saw a team that they could take to the NBA Finals.


Landing Irving and Durant was out of the Nets control for the most park. What the Nets did right was they created enough cap space to sign both of them. What makes this signing more interesting is that Durant and Irving took less than the max in order to help the Nets sign Jordan. Now they have an elite shot-blocker on the roster and make it difficult for other teams to score.

What does this mean for the Nets and their future? Most likely, everyone is thinking a championship is in their future and it is a great guess. They are stacked with talent and are now a force to be reckoned with. The only real setback is whether Durant will be healthy when eh returns from his injury. He won’t return to the court until 2020 and will be important in the playoffs for the Nets.

I don’t know whether Durant will help the Nets win a championship in Year One of this new team but they have a good shot. I will make my prediction once the dust settles and mos of the free agents have decided where they will play next season.

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