Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gets His Ankles Broken by Bone Collecter

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has not taken a loss in Boxing in 50 fights and remains undefeated. That is not the case on the basketball court. His ankles were broken with a mean crossover from Bone Collecter and it is fun to watch Mayweather finally hit the ground.


You still have to respect Floyd for trying to guard Bone Collecter, a guy known to crossover people. It went down exactly as you thought it would as Floyd fell for a pullback crossover and fell to the ground. The crowd erupted and the announcer was taking jabs at Mayweather for the next few minutes.

The lesson here is not to guard Bone Collecter no matter who you are. Mayweather continued to guard Bone Collecter even after the crossover but Bone Collecter didn’t want to embarrass Mayweather anymore. What a nice guy.

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