Kevin Durant Didn’t Tell Nets He Was Signing to Them

Kevin Durant was the biggest free agent and everybody was waiting to find out where he was going to sign. He chose the Brooklyn Nets but he didn’t even meet them and forgot to tell the Nets that in the first few hours!

Like most people in today’s age, the Nets found out that Durant signed with them on Instagram. That is insane because the Nets aren’t just any team, they are a multi-billion corporation and they have to find out about their future like the rest of us. It is a little insulting that Durant didn’t tell them but he has that leverage.


Durant made history for being the first player to post his decision to Instagram. Usually, it’s on Twitter that people find the news but Durant changed the game up. The reason he was able to do that was because the Nets and every other team trying to sign Durant knew that acquiring him would make them an elite team. So while they may be bitter about it, they have to follow suit.

Let’s hope this does not become a trend because it seems like Durant wanted to circumnavigate the news outlets reporting on NBA signings. We have seen Durant vent his frustration against the sports media so him not letting them break the news may have been payback.

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