Are The Clippers Better than the Lakers?

On opening night, the Los Angeles Clippers beat the new-look Los Angeles Lakers and won the first battle for L.A. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were not enough to stop Kawhi Leonard. Does that win prove the Clippers are better than the Lakers?

It is going to be hard to argue that the Lakers are better than the Clippers when they lost to the Clippers who didn’t have Paul George in the line-up. Leonard alone was too much for the Lakers. Imagine another player like Leonard on the court. The Lakers will have a lot of trouble matching up because George is a big mismatch and we saw Leonard scoring with ease.


As of right now, Leonard is the best player in the NBA and he has yet to be stopped. We have not seen the Clippers’ full potential and they still beat the Lakers 112-102. The good news for the Lakers is that this is their first game with Davis and they are still figuring it out. They will get better but right now, the Clippers seem to be clicking much better.

When George does come back, the team will have to figure out how to incorporate him into the system. It will take a few games but they should figure it out. Offense does not seem to be the problem for the Clippers as they have multiple scorers. Their defense is going to be scary when George does return.

LeBron scored 18 points in the opener but expect that to change during the next meeting,. He is trying to find a balance and will definitely score more once he realizes he has to in order for his team to win. Game 1 went to the Clippers but Game 2 will be the real showdown when both teams have figured out their identity.

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