Warriors Are Horrendous to Start off the 2019 Season

The Golden State Warriors knew they wouldn’t beg that good without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson but nobody expected them to be this bad. What has led to this disaster and what can be done to do some damage control.

It all started with the Warriors paying their best players a lot of money and leaving little for everyone else. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson should have not taken max contracts. That leaves little to no money left for the other players and that is why the Warriors roster looks like a G-League team.

It also doesn’t help that D’Angelo Russell also got a max contract. In the past, players would take a payout to play with a championship contender but now that the Warriors aren’t contenders, they aren’t getting the same luxury as before. Now they have to pay very little to no-name players or players that haven’t done well with other teams.


To counteract high contract players on a roster, teams turn to rookies and players on their rookie contracts. They are cheap and they help a lot because the players have not yet been paid for how good they are. Golden State has not had good rookie players because they have been getting low picks since they keep having one of the best records in the NBA. It is coming back to haunt them and is also why the Warriors are not that good.

Losing to the really bad Oklahoma Thunder by 28 and being down 40 at one point is not good. That is a team that won’t make the playoffs and they are still much better than the Warriors. It doesn’t help that the Warriors two big man are injured but it won’t change too much.

Teams are trapping Curry and letting the other players shoot and it has worked. Curry is averaging 8 turnovers a game and is not getting much open looks. He is getting trapped in sick-and-rolls and has not been making good passes.

When Thompson comes back, the Warriors will be much better but that may not be until next year. Until then, the Warriors will be getting blown out a lot and everyone seems to be enjoying watching Rome fall.

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