Amare Stoudemire is Planning an NBA Come back!

Former NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire is attempting an NBA comeback. Do you think there is a roster spot available for the former superstar?

The good news for Stoudemire is that he has worked out for a few NBA teams including the Los Angeles Lakers. That might be the closest he gets to actually playing in the NBA because I can’t see any team wanting to sign him. We have seen players that are less removed from the NBA (Stoudemire last played in the league in 2016) not get signed.


I do think signing Stoudemire is a waste of a roster spot. It can be used on a younger player or even a good G-League player. The Lakers have gotten lucky signing for stars to the roster but even they must know signing Stoudemire is not smart.

The last thing the Lakers need is another non-three point shooter on the team. They are playing well but the lack of three point shots falling for them will come back to haunt them later in the season.

Who knows, some team might get great production from Stoudemire. It has happened with Carmelo Anthony. Teams haven’t been kind to former NBA players and this might end up being the case again.

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