Are the Pistons Going to Trade Blake Griffin?

The Detroit Pistons have underperformed and that is why Blake Griffin might get traded. The only thing stopping a trade is Griffin’s poor production as of late.

Since returning from injury, Griffin is averaging 17.5 points per game and less than five rebounds. Will be interesting to see a team give up good players for that type of production. Teams have lost interest in acquiring Griffin and unless he turns it around, he will most likely remain a Piston.


Detroit is currently out of the playoffs but the Eastern Conference has been weak this year once again. They can make a run if they start winning but that seems to be the difficulty. Griffin has missed 10 games and has always been injury-prone in his career, What team would want him knowing he will probably get injured again?

That is why Griffin’s production is important. If he can play great while healthy, teams will at least get something back from him. Instead, he is eating up the salary cap and a roster spot. And trading for Griffin will come at a price which teams do not want to pay up at the moment.

The NBA season is nearing the half mark so expect a move if the Pistons are serious about winning . They may have to trade Griffin for less than what they want if they want to make a trade happen at all.

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