Luka Doncic May be Out Until After Christmas

The Dallas Mavericks have been playing great and Luka Doncic has been a key reason why. Doncic suffered an ankle injury against the Miami Heat and may be out until after Christmas according to reports.

The x-rays were negative and Mavericks fans breathed a sigh of relief. Losing Doncic for an extended period of time would hurt the Mavericks a lot and may cause them to miss the playoffs. The good news is that the Mavs were still competitive without Doncic but still lost to the Heat in overtime.


Missing only a couple of weeks is a break for the Mavs but it also might be the beginning of their losing streak. They will be facing playoff teams and will ultimately lose without the star player. Still, it should help other players find their footing and they might find a gem on the roster.

I have enjoyed watching Doncic this season and will be disappointed that I can’t see him play. Many fans feel the same way but injuries are common and it takes just a little bad luck to get injured. The most important thing is that Doncic comes back fully healthy and can return to playing like an MVP.

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