The Latest Trading Rumors Before the Year Ends

This summer, we saw a lot of trades and that drastically the landscape of the NBA. That changed after the season started and there have been no trades since. That may trade soon and here are some of the players that are most likely to be traded soon.

Kevin Love is the player that is almost guaranteed to be traded; it is just a matter of time. The biggest issue at the moment is his value. He is 31 years old and past his prime. The Cleveland Cavaliers want a first round pick for him but other teams do not agree with that trade value. They believe he should be valued lower since he has almost four years on his contract left worth north of $100 million. Expect a lot of news until Love is actually traded.


The other player that constantly gets mentioned in trade talks is D’Angelo Russell. He has been on the trading block since day one. He was acquired by the Golden State Warriors for Kevin Durant but wasn’t going to stay around since the Warriors already have two elite guards. Russell might end up staying on the roster for the rest of the year since the Warriors are not going to make the playoffs this year. Or they may ship him for a good package that will include a first round pick.

Besides those two players, there hasn’t been much news regarding traded. New York Knicks Marcus Morris may be traded away for a first round pick since he is having a great season. The biggest issue is that teams don’t have much salary cap left. Some players got paid too much and now they are hurting the team and can’t be moved.

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