Russell Westbrook is Available for Trade

Yesterday we found out that Russell Westbrook is on the trading block but only if teams ask. The Houston Rockets aren’t openly shopping Westbrook but if teams inquire about him, then they will listen.

Trading Westbrook this early into his Rockets career looks bad but what else can the Rockets do? Westbrook hasn’t meshed well with the Rockets and seems to be hurting them with his bad shot attempts. Getting rid of him now instead of trying to play around him is the better solution of the two.

Moving Westbrook however, won’t be easy. He is set to make over $35 million this year and over $130 million in the next three years. Moving a contract like that is hard, but not impossible. In the past two years, we have seen big contracts get moved but only if the team gets a lot of picks and assets in return. Unfortunately, the Rockets gave a lot of those assets to acquire Westbrook from the Oklahoma Thunder.

While the Rockets would like to move Westbrook, they won’t be able to. He doesn’t play efficient basketball and his enormous contract is going to deter a lot of teams. The Rockets may have to keep Westbrook and his insane contract and regret trading away Chris Paul.

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