The New York Knicks Are Hoping the Timberwolves Make Karl Anthony Towns Available for Trade

The New York Knicks are desperate for a superstar and may have found a player that can help turn the franchise around. The problem is that he isn’t available for trade…yet.

New York is hoping that Karl-Anthony Towns will be made available for trade in the future so they can trade for him. It’s a great plan guys, really. The Knicks just have to hope that the Minnesota Timberwolves for some reason make available their best player for trade. And then the Knicks are hoping to be the team that ends up trading for him even though most of the league will make a trade offer for him.


It sounds like the Knicks are desperate for anything at this point. They have had a rough decade and now superstars don’t want to come to New York City so they are going to have to trade for one. It’s one thing to make trade offers for a player rumored to be traded but Towns has not been rumored to be traded at all.

This is just a lot of wishing from the Knicks part and it shows just how desperate they are. This season is a disaster and the Knicks haven’t made the playoffs since 2012. They have good pieces but without a superstar to carry the team, the Knicks will be bad so expect a trade and a lot of praying from the Knicks.

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