Is Kyle Kuzma on the Trading Block?

Kyle Kuzma has been dragged into some drama by his trainer and it may end up getting Kuzma traded. What happened that has Kuzma in the hot seat?

It all started when Kuzma’s trainer Clint Parks attacked LeBron James on Twitter after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Los Angeles Clippers again on Christmas Day. Parks criticized LeBron’s effort and said Kawhi Leonard works hard while LeBron doesn’t. If that was all, Kuzma wouldn’t have had to save face but a poorly-timed tweet by Kuzma got people wondering.


Kuzma tweeted “A spade is a spade” and deleted it soon after but the internet wouldn’t let that comment disappear. It was screenshot and it was trending. What did Kuzma mean by that tweet? It came right after his trainer tweeted his criticism of Kuzma’s teammate LeBron.

The smartest thing Kuzma did was to reach out to LeBron and talk it out but that saga does indicate Kuzma isn’t fully happy. That would make sense since Kuzma’s role has dwindled since James and Anthony Davis came to L.A. Kuzma isn’t having a great season and has missed games due to injury. It could be frustration from his part to vent online but he needs to remember he is playing in Los Angeles and everything you say can make the headline.

Will the Lakers try to move Kuzma after this saga? They may if their is a good offer on the table but I don’t think they will as of right now. He is one of their best young players and they expect a lot from him. However, this is LeBron’s team now and James has the final say so Kuzma should be careful not to anger the King or he will be traded no matter how much he means to the team.

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